About Us

narellan community congregational church

is a congregation of the Hunters Hill Congregational Church Property Trust, whose original vision it was to commence the work.

We have a steadily growing congregation that is being strengthened spiritually, numerically and financially. We meet at a multi purpose worship centre in the Supa Centre at Exchange Pde Smeaton Grange.

Mission Statement

In obedience to God's Word, our mission is to Make A Difference in people's lives by making disciples of Jesus Christ, who will seek to be whole-hearted in their love for God, sharing that love with each other and the wider community.

About Congregational Churches

Congregational churches have a rich heritage that can be traced back to the 16th century in England, when Christian men and women sought to develop local churches marked by purity of life and doctrine at a time when the established church was characterised by worldliness and corruption. From that time on, Congregationalism has seen churches established all over the world.

Congregationalism has produced many well-known historical figures, such as, England's 17th century leader Oliver Cromwell, the missionary David Livingstone, the great hymn-writer Isaac Watts, and the poet, John Milton. Some of Christianity's greatest preachers have come from Congregationalism e.g. Jonathon Edwards, Charles Finney, R.W. Dale, P.T. Forsyth, Joseph Parker, G. Campbell Morgan, and Martyn Lloyd Jones.

Congregationalism came to New South Wales towards the end of the 18th century, and by the 1850's Congregational churches were being founded across Australia. The noted evangelist Lionel B. Fletcher was a Congregationalist.

Hunters Hill Congregational Church Property Trust

The church here at Narellan is one of 2 congregations that have developed through the vision and leadership of the Hunters Hill Congregational Church. Now known as the Hunters Hill Congregational Church Property Trust the current ministries are:

Previously, The Hunters Hill Congregational Church was seen as the ‘head’ of these ministries - under the Hunters Hill Congregational Church Act #30, 1977. In 2013, a new Act was passed. The name still refers to the founding church at Hunters Hill but the Hunters Hill Congregational Church Property Trust Act 2013 No. 67 gives the current and future churches (congregations) equal footing and aligns the various ministries under a Property Trust Board (PTB).

The PTB consists of members of the congregations and representatives of the individual ministries. Their responsibility will be to give and receive regular reports concerning the various aspects of the work, and act on behalf of the congregations and ministries with regard to property assets and ministry opportunities.

While each ministry is free to maintain its own affairs and is thus responsible for determining its own vision and budget (with the goal of being self-sufficient) each is, at the same time accountable to the PTB.

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