5 Cent Jar

Narellan Community Congregational Church has been collecting 5c pieces for 14 years, starting on 24th Feb. 2002. We save them until $100 is reached then donate them to The Bible Society. In this time we have raised $8,000 to give to The Bible Society to help support their literacy training programs, to give free Bibles to people in third world countries, and to help translate these Bibles into the various indigenous languages.

Some of the countries to which we have helped send Bibles, are Rwanda, Mexico, Columbia, The Congo, Cambodia, Papua New Guinea, & many other countries including Aboriginal Bible translations right here in Australia. Our 5c collection has sent $100 collections to Bibles for South African jails. We also give collections to The Bible Society in support of their various children’s projects. The Bible Society also provides Bibles for Australian Defence personnel serving overseas in places like Iraq & Afghanistan, towards which we have made several donations.

Each time we reach a $1,000 we have a little birthday celebration during the Sunday Service for the 5c jar and work out how many 5c pieces are in that total, how much they would weigh, and how far they would stack up on top of each other or laid side by side. $8,000 adds up to 160,000 5 cent pieces! And we’re still going strong!

Your gift of 5c will have a life changing effect on people learning to read where they would never be able to afford the education costs to do this, or be able to own a Bible. Thank you and may God bless you for your kindness towards those who live in severe poverty. Learning to read and write through literacy programs allows God’s Word to change people’s lives, and the money raised through the 5c jar does make a difference to a person through the life saving gift of a Bible.

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