Tabitha Ministries

safariThe Mission Team collects aluminium cans and other recyclable metals to raise money to give to Tabitha Ministries “House of Hope” Orphanage in Pietermaritzburg, South Africa. We give the money towards vacation activities for the children such as a trip to the beach or a safari adventure to a wild life park. These are experiences the children would never get to experience and enjoy if not for the wonderful donations given from people around the world and we here at NCCC are thrilled to be able to help support this wonderful cause.

So far we have raised $580 for Tabitha Ministries in the 18 months that we have been collecting cans and other recyclables such as brass and copper.Thank you Safari

But what exactly do we collect?

- Aluminium cans.

- Extruded aluminium; eg: fly screen frames, old ladders etc.

- Domestic alum; eg: disposable baking trays , pie pans, al-foil.

- Brass; eg: old water taps.

- Copper; eg: copper pipe cutoffs.

- Lead acid batteries; eg: car batteries.

Please note that “domestic aluminium” needs to be rinsed clean & copper wire needs to have the insulation peeled off before donating!

The collection bin is located at the rear door to the church.

Many, many thanks for your continuing support.

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