The Urey Family


Urey cardOscar and Elizabeth, with their two daughters, Tabitha and Isabella, serve in the mission field in Bolivia, which is in the heart of South America. While there is a strong Spanish influence in Bolivia, over half the population are still indigenous. One of the two main indigenous groups is the Quechua people. Oscar Urey, born with Quecha ancestry, served God for 10 years in the outskirts of Cochabama, in the town of Quillacollo.  The Ureys now serve as missionaries with Pioneers, in the same area.  

The Urey’s founded the SCAR ministry, ‘Supporting Children At Risk’, to help disadvantaged children in their area. From 2010-2011, the SCAR ministry provided the funding for a nutrition centre in the rural town of Huerta Mayu. The local church administered the centre, offering lunch twice a week followed by a Bible lesson and helped the children to memorize verses.  The centre has transitioned into a children´s program and this responsibility has been handed over to the local church. This ministry is no longer focused on funding nutrition centres and is now partnering with the Tarpuy project, helping with the funding of a tailored children´s curriculum and teacher´s workshops.  However, this ministry is still committed to providing for the physical needs of children at risk when these needs arise. The ministry generates funds from the sale of cross stitch products, stitched by local Bolivian women. The sale of these products not only provides a small income for these women but also helps to fund the Urey´s main ministry, Tarpuy.

Tarpuy is focused on planting the Gospel in the young hearts of the new Quechua generation; its children. Roman Catholicism has melded with traditional animistic beliefs to create a syncretistic religion which has been passed down through the generations. In response to this, the Tarpuy project aims to establish a firm foundation of God’s truths in the hearts of children, so that by growing up in His Word, this will in turn lead to greater maturity in the future church. Tarpuy is dedicated to making this a reality by writing Sunday school curriculum for Quechua children which is dynamic, simple and in their context.

The Ureys send monthly prayer letters, allowing us to stay informed of the progress of the ministry, and make us aware of prayer requests and praise points.


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