Our Vision



MAD Banner in us

1. M.A.D.- "Making A Difference" to the lives of the Congregation

We desire to grow a congregation that are eager to worship and serve God.

Through God’s Word, Through fellowship, Through prayer, Through worship. 

That our ministry will really Make A Difference to who we are & how we live!

To our values, and to our lifestyle,

So that church is not just a matter of going through the motions…

of coming in one door and going out the other without it having had any impact on our lives, but rather Making A Difference to our minds, our hearts, our souls…. our lives

MAD Banner through us2. M.A.D.- "Making A Difference" to the Community in which we are set

Our congregation meets in the SupaCentre located on Narellan Road which is of course one of the main arteries into the heart of Narellan itself.

And that’s how we want our church family to be in terms of its impact and influence on the growing  Narellan-Camden-Campbelltown community. 

And it is all too easy to be peripheral or even irrelevant to the lives of the people of the community in which we are set.

Our prayer is that the N.C.C.C. will be vital for the community here and that through it’s ministries & programmes will serve & support the people who live here.

MAD Banner now and always3. M.A.D.- "Making A Difference" for time and for eternity ... now and always!

Sometimes churches are accused of being “so heavenly minded that they are of no earthly use” & that all that they offer is the promise of “pie in the sky when you die”! 

We emphasise the Spiritual … we believe the Bible is the Word of God for our world today and so we unashamedly proclaim the good news that God so loved this world that he sent his Son Jesus to earth live among us and die for us that the world through faith in him might be saved. So we seek to help people to have a personal spiritual relationship with God through Jesus Christ. But we will seek to do more than this by lovingly and sacrifically serving others both locally and elsewhere by meeting their needs in practical everyday life. 

How is all this being done? 

‘Unless the Lord builds the house its builders labour in vain’ &

‘Unless the Lord builds the Church its builders haven’t a prayer’

But the Lord will do his building with workers!

The church community here will not be built up without committed Christians anymore than the lovely facility that we meet in would have been completed without brickies, plumbers, electricians etc.

One of the early Biblical missionaries, the apostle Paul, was challenged by the Spirit of God before commencing the Churches in Europe.

‘Come over and help us’ 

We realise that many who read this article are happily committed to other churches and it is not our desire to entice you away but if you are not committed to another church at the moment we would love you to come and join us in our quest to “Make A Difference” for God in the lives of the people in the Macarthur area.